TinyMOS Camera

Forget paying thousands for expensive astrography cameras, and say hello to TinyMOS’s Tiny1 Astronomy Camera, which pairs an exceptional low-light sensor with advanced image processing to create striking images of space. That’s right, you’ll easily be able to capture stars, whole constellations, and even entire planets far quicker than with a traditional DSLR. Users can also take time-lapse videos in 2.5K resolution, complete with up-to-date star charts in live preview mode. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

“There’s built-in imaging automation that helps photographers capture different things with proper exposures – presets include Milky Way and Northern Lights. Another helpful feature in the camera system is called Point-To-The-Stars, which uses live preview and up-to-date star charts to help photographers pinpoint the exact celestial objects they’re trying to capture,” reports Peta Pixel.

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