Aircraft SkyDeck

Photo credit: Daily Mail

Forget first class suites, Windspeed Technologies’ SkyDeck lets passengers experience 360° views of the skies. This unique seating area can be accessed via elevator or stairs, and is essentially a glass dome that protrudes from the top of the plane. The company plans on installing them first in private jets, and eventually as a pay-per-view experience on commercial airliners. Click here to view more pictures. Continue reading for a video of “option 2” for Windspeed Technologies’ SkyDeck.

“SkyDeck’s seats are designed to be rotated in any direction during the journey to provide unbeatable mile-high perspectives. The teardrop shape and shallow height have been chosen to not interfere with airflow across a plane’s fuselage and tail surfaces, with the aerodynamic profile minimising drag,” according to Mail Online.