ADAK Trailer

Forget large recreational vehicles, the ADAK Trailer is made for heavy duty trailblazing, thanks to its armored corners and 360° of steel tubing to protect the body. Inside, you’ll find 116-square-feet of comfortable living space, complete with three beds, a kitchen, shower, power generator, and even 69.1 cubic feet of storage space. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Each trailer comes standard with a 45-gallon fresh water tank, 12-volt pressurized water system, and tankless, on-demand hot water. The company says that the water system as a four-season design capable of functioning in below-zero conditions. The standard power system consists of a 1,000W inverter, dual 6V deep-cycle flooded batteries, and one exterior and four interior 120V outlets. Buyers can also pay extra for options like galleys, an entertainment package, furnace, air conditioner and interior refrigerator.