Fortnite Marshmello Snowfall

There were several new assets discovered in the Epic Games Fortnite patch v7.30 that confirms world famous DJ Marshmello will be preforming live in-game concert at Pleasant Park starting at 2PM EST on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019. Plus, an in-game player model, complete with dancing animations, of the DJ has been spotted, but this could be just an NPC (non-playable character) model used during the live concert. Read more for a video on the new Snowfall prisoner skin.

This new Fortnite snowfall skin boasts four different stages, with each showing the prisoner looking more menacing. The first stage shows the prisoner with shackles, a locked helmet on its face, and ice shards on its shoulder. The second stage has it defrosted, and some of the shackles have also been removed. The third features the snowfall skin without its shackles, and last, but not least, the skin is shown in all its glory.

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