Fortnite The End Black Hole
The end of Fortnite Season 10 kicked off with a bang, literally. Epic Games let the fireworks fly once the countdown clocks struck zero. The new rocket built by the mysterious Visitor at Dusty Depot launched, which created a new rift in the sky and set off a chain reaction. Other rifts around the island began pulsating, and multiple rockets then emerged, zipping around the sky until they all converged before smashing into the “zero point” beneath the giant meteor, sucking it into the rift. Read more for a video to show exactly what happened and additional information.

Another rift opened up in the sky after a moment of calm, and one final rocket emerged, honing in on the zero point, thus setting off a massive shockwave that knocked players into the sky. That rocket was then followed by a meteor, which also smashed into the zero point, creating a cyclone of energy that sucked everything in, leaving just a black hole. Epic Games hasn’t formally announced what exactly happened, but following the event, the official Fortnite Twitter account updated its cover picture to a black hole.