Franky Zapata Crosses English Channel Hoverboard
After a failed attempt 10-days ago, French inventor Franky Zapata successfully crossed the English Channel on his self-made “flyboard”. He took off at 8:17 am local time and flew across the 21.7 miles that separate the French town of Sangatte from Saint Margaret’s at Cliffe on the southeast British coast, taking him a total of 22 minutes with one refueling stop in the middle. Read more for a video and additional information.

Zapata said at a press conference on Saturday that he felt much more confident off success than his failed journey just over a week ago. On July 25, Zapata had launched near Sangatte Beach on his flying board, but had to quit the challenge when he dropped a few minutes later into English waters after hitting the supply boat platform at a very low speed. This time, he cruised at a comfortable 100 mph on the flyboard throughout the nearly 22-mile trip.

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