London AI Bar Facial Recognition
A.I. Bar has opened in London, and it’s powered by DataSparQ’s new software which uses facial recognition to place people in a digital queue to make ordering a breeze. How is this useful? For starters, it gets rid of those who cut in line, thanks to the AI-powered facial recognition system that automatically determines which customer should be served next. This software-as-a-service would only cost bar owners about $240 a month and connects to a simple webcam, touchscreen display and an internet connection. Read more for a video and additional information.

DataSparQ researchers found that patrons spend more than two months of their lives waiting for service at a bar, and this software reportedly reduced serving times, which would cut down on the reported 75 percent of Brits who have walked out of a bar because the wait to get a drink was too long. Plus, if a patron looks to be under 25, the system prompts them to have their ID ready and will let the bartender know it’s already been checked.