Free diver Guillaume Nery didn’t use any oxygen tanks while filming “Ocean’s Gravity”, a short film in which he surrenders himself to the whims of the Pacific Ocean’s swift currents. It was directed by underwater filmmaker Julie Gautier and captured in the Tiputa Pass, a strait located 220 miles from Tahiti in the Rangiroa atoll. Nery is able to travel effortlessly underwater at remarkable speeds with little movement and without the aid of diving equipment, due to the strength of these unstoppable underwater forces. Continue reading for the video (bonus video included) and more information.

Nery says: “…my diving has always propelled my imagination to the fantasy of space conquest. To touch the sea floor or to set foot on an unexplored planet, here are two fascinating adventures which feed my thirst of the unknown. The discovery of this quite unique place, the Tiputa Pass, made it possible to put the visual closeness of two universes – water and air, ocean and space – into film.”

Bonus Video – Free Fall


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