Switch to Flip Phone Contest

Frontier Communications is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first ever flip-phone, so the Utah-based ISP decided to offer $1,000 to someone willing to ditch their modern smartphone for a week. There are a few requirements for the winner, and they include recording how long it takes them to do simple tasks such as texting, sending emails, how much sleep they get, and whether their productivity increases during the experiment. Read more for another video and additional information on how to enter.

“That’s right. We’re looking for one brave soul to willingly give up their smartphone for a full seven days in favor of a flip phone. The madness! We know. That’s why we want to see what happens. How did you sleep? Were you more or less productive? How long did things take? Did it feel like you went back in time? You tell us, and we’ll pay one lucky winner $1,000 and give them a handy-dandy survival kit to keep them going. With this much throwback, you might even be tempted to tweeze your eyebrows or bleach your tips by the end. We won’t blame you,” said the company. Enter here.

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