Nerf Khaos

Photo credit: The Verge

First announced in January, the Nerf Rival Kahos MXVI-4000 has officially made its debut at Toy Fair 2016. This blaster offers a 40-round magazine, which can be unloaded in 11-seconds, and fire projectiles at up to 68mph. Thanks to its auto-feed mechanism, you’ll need to provide six D-sized batteries for power, preferably of the rechargeable variety. It hits stores in September, priced at $69.99. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“We’re told it doesn’t hurt when you’re shot with one of these; we didn’t volunteer to experience first-hand the equivalent of a weaponized slow-pitch softball machine. (No one else in the room readily seemed down for that, either.) The balls are made of squishy Nerf material, however, and won’t, we’re told, give targets welts or cause injury. The balls are bouncy, too, so they spring right off whatever they hit,” reports The Verge.

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