Gadgets go great with frickin’ laser beams, in a high-tech kind of way, as these five examples prove. Hit the break to view them all.

Laser Harp

The “Laser Harp” by Jen Lewin is an immersive installation that uses “movement and laser light to trigger sound.”

The use of light instead of a physical string plays with our perception of space and matter. What is physically not there (the virtual string), responds as if it were


Laser Saber

For those with either a red and/or green laser pointer from Wicked Lasers, check out this “Laser Saber” accessory. It features a 38.75-inch long radiant strong polycarbonate blade and a solid 9.5-inch hilt.

Virtual Piano

The Virtual Piano uses “a red semiconductor laser module and holographic optical element” to project “a 25-key 2-octave keyboard onto the surface in front of it.” [Source]

Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser

This clip of the MTHEL (Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser) shows it shooting “3 simultaneous mortar rounds in-flight, right out of the sky.”

MTHEL uses directed energy (laser beam) to intercept aerial targets such as rockets, missiles, artillery shells and other aerial threats. The target destruction is achieved by projecting a highly focused, high-power laser beam, delivered by a chemical laser, with enough energy to affect the target, and explode it in midair

747-400F Airborne Laser System

Thanks to an Airborne Laser system by Lockheed Martin, modified 747-400F’s are now equipped to take out enemy missles. This system consists of a “High Energy Laser”, “Flight Turret Assembly”, “Tracker Illuminator lasers”, and a “Beacon Illuminator”. We may soon see this technology on other aircraft such as the B2 Stealth Bomber. More pics after the jump.

“As it may sound impressive it has it’s drawbacks too an ICBM is fired usually thousands of miles away from enemy soil so the 747 has to be flying over enemy airspace with constant threat of anti air missiles and enemy fighters as it is the 747 is a passenger jet with limited manuvarability. “

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