Gambit Play for Keeps
Channing Tatum was originally slated to play Gambit in a full-length film based on Gambit, but that project was put on the back burner indefinitely for unknown reasons. If you don’t follow the X-Men universe, Gambit is a mutant with the ability to mentally create, control, and manipulate pure kinetic energy to his desire. He’s best known for card throwing, hand-to-hand combat, and the use of a bō staff. Read more to watch a fan film that should be made into a Hollywood blockbuster – note there is plenty of not safe for work language.

In the comics, he’s often portrayed as a “ladies’ man,” and has shown a liking to Rogue, while remaining fiercely proud of his Louisiana heritage, thus speaking in a Cajun accent. Gambit – Play for Keeps director Jensen Noen keeps this intact for his tribute to the Marvel Universe by having lead actor Nick Bateman mimick Gambit’s accent, mannerisms as well as combat skills. Actresses Ellen Hoffman and Anna Butkevych, attempt to portray Rogue and Magik, respectively, as close to the comics as possible.

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