NASA Hubble NGC 2775 Spiral Galaxy
Photo credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, J. Lee and the PHANGS-HST Team; Acknowledgment: Judy Schmidt (Geckzilla)
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope continues to amaze, and its latest capture of NGC 2775 is no exception. The spiral pattern shown by this galaxy has wool-like spiral arms indicate that the recent history of star formation has been relatively quiet. There is almost no star formation in the central part of the galaxy, which is dominated by an unusually large and relatively empty galactic bulge, where all the gas was converted into stars long ago. Read more for a video on why spiral galaxies form and additional information.

NGC 2775 does still have millions of bright, young, blue stars that shine in the complex as well as feather-like spiral arms, interlaced with dark lanes of dust. Its feather-like spiral patterns of the arms are formed by the gas clouds breaking off as the galaxy rotates. The spiral nature of wool-like galaxies stands in contrast to the grand-design spirals, which have prominent, well defined-spiral arms.

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