Web developer Robert Fink from Portland, Oregon, created an entire video game in five-months, with two colleagues at SuperGenius Studios to propose to his girlfriend Angel White. How did he keep this a secret? Well, here’s what he did: “I told her that SuperGenius, the company that I work at, was working on a simple platformer pixel art game. I planted the seed early on in her head so that when I brought it up later that she needed to test it, it wouldn’t be out of the blue.” Continue reading for the video.

New.com.au says: “Angel had also tested other products at his company previously and she fell for a fake testing session on a new game Knight Man: A Quest for Love. To stop Angel from having any doubts Fink devised a tester questionnaire about the game, set up reaction cameras and had a co-worker ask her questions about the game just like other video game test runs at their company.”

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