Fantasy Scenes

Photo credit: John Wilhelm

Due to all the technology available today, many children are entranced with mobile games, social media, etc., but John Wilhelm wanted to kick start the imagination of his three daughters. So, he created this fantasy-like photo series, in which his three daughters are digitally placed in fantastical scenes. How does he get them to pose? Wilhelm says, “I usually try to inspire them by telling them an interesting story about an upcoming project. We simulate the studio situation without the camera. Once upstairs in my little attic/studio, there’s often not much more time than two to three minutes before they loose their attention and motivation. Sometimes sweets can help.” Continue reading for more images.

Digitally Enhanced Scenes

“John had been surrounded with photography as a child, so it always played an important part in his life. His father was the founder of two photography clubs and John has many memories of playing in his darkroom with his sister, while his father was developing his shots,” adds Wilhelm.


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