Power of Makeup

Lucia Pittalis, a geek and makeup artist from Italy, is truly a master of disguise. All she needs are a few cosmetic products, tools, and wigs to go from Lucia to Rambo. Here’s what she has to say: “The process is studying the character – watching photos, movies, videos, and saving frames where necessary. I think how can it be adapted on my face. It is a kind of acting process before. I must be that character. Then I put on background music related to that character to be in the mood and I start to watch myself in the mirror.” Continue reading for more pictures.

Makeup Celebrities

Lucia also adds, “I give myself enough time to study my new character, being close to his or her image and having time to relax and paint my face. Sometimes it can be weeks and sometimes it’s days, depends on the inspiration. I buy old stuff at markets like wigs and accessories – it is extremely fun searching for good stuff to create a character.”