Tree Firewood

Most Christmas trees are purchased from a vendor / store, this one was made from 5,000 pieces of firewood, and located at a a public square in Budapest, Hungary. Workers spent 5-days building the tree, using rappelling gear as they neared the top, to stack sawed logs of tapering sizes within the cone-shaped, 35-foot wooden frame. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

According to My Modern Met, “By day, it appears that some of the log faces were painted white, reminiscent of ornaments scattered among the branches of a fir tree. By night, the tree is illuminated with festive, colored spotlights. Inside, the structure is hollow. It’s ringed by simple benches made from upturned logs. Offering solace from the streets and simplicity during a season of chaos, the Charity Tree has become a place for meditation and reflection.”


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