This gold Lamborghini Aventador belongs right up there with these ultra luxurious Las Vegas villas / suites, Maldives resorts, first class airplane suites, private jets, and iPhone 5 handsets, but it’s not what you think. At $7.5-million, this supercar is merely a 1:8 scale model of its roaring real-life counterpart. According to World Car Frans, a master craftsman will carve the chassis from a 500-kg (1,102-pounds) block of solid gold and the final model will contain a whopping 25-kg (55-pounds) of the highly desirable precious metal. Continue reading for a video of the actual Aventador and more information.

It has already secured three Guinness world records for the most expensive scale model car, the most luxurious logo and the most secure showcase (which includes bulletproof glass).

A Lamborghini representative told CNBC that nobody was interested in acquiring the scale model, even though the prototype has been on display for over a week.

Maybe that’s because sitting right next to the scale model prototype is a real Aventador which can be considered a bargain at a starting price of around 400,000 USD.

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