Would you spend $132,000 on a 71-inch plasma? You’ll find that and other golden gadgets in this interesting list. Which ones if your favorite?

Gold Nokia 8800

Priced at a whopping $2,700, this 24k gold Nokia 8800 is sheer eye candy. Unfortunately, the technical specs remain unchanged — features a 0.5-megapixel camera, 64MB of memory, TFT-LCD display, EDGE, Bluetooth, FM tuner, and an MP3 player. Other bonuses include a special edition box and charging dock. It measures 107 x 45 x 15 mm and weighs 134g. [Source]

24K Gold HP LaserJet p2015

File this under: “Strange Luxury Gadgets“. Yes, the casing on this HP LaserJet p2015 if made entirely out of 24-carat gold. Best of all, it actually works.

On display at the GITEX show somewhere in Dubai, this working prototype is up for auction with a starting price of US$299 or about a Benjamin less than the printer costs without all that gold. Why did they choose a middling LaserJet and not an HP-35 or other HP product more worthy of such opulence?


LG’s $132,000 71″ Plasma

At $132,000, LG’s 71PY10 is the world’s most expensive Plasma display, with 24K gold casing (4 pounds) and a limited production run of just 1000 units. Features include 1920 x 1080 resolution, HDMI, SCART, and a 600W home theater system. A less expensive — $95,000 — black version is also available.

The 71PY10 is available now in the LG iGallery at Harrods and from independent retailers nationwide.

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$25,000 Gold Gameboy

Not your ordinary GameBoy, this one has a screen lined with pave diamonds and a case made out of solid 18K gold. Plus, it comes in a blue leather briefcase — which holds your system, accessories, and games. Those with $25,000 to spare, can buy direct from Swiss Supply.

$3,500 USB Key

Mention the words “gold-plated, diamond-encrusted” and the first thought that pops into many minds is “money”. For $3,500 (starting), you could own one of these 14-carat gold, diamond-encrusted (5 polished diamonds) USB keys.

“We have sold huge amounts of personalized USB stick with logos over the past year. Our customers used them as a give-away. Some of them asked us for a more exclusive product line. This stick meets their demand, so we expect to sell quite a few of them.”



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