Today’s Google Doodle is a very special one, because it celebrates late Jim Henson’s — creator of the Muppets — 75th birthday. That’s not all, “the HTML5-powered logo is interactive and includes a few fun surprises: you can play ‘puppeteer’ by clicking on the colored circles beneath each of the characters, which opens their mouths, and the Muppets will follow your cursor with their eyes when you move your mouse.” Video after the break.

Google noted in its blog, published on the afternoon of September 23, that the Muppets Google doodle would be up for a full 36 hours. This marks the second time Google has paid homage to Henson’s work on its homepage. Two years ago, Google replaced its logo with a rotating cast of Sesame Street characters that appeared over several days, this time honoring the 40th anniversary of the television show Sesame Street, which Henson was asked to help with in 1969.

[via HuffingtonPost]