Google Doodle Mother's Day
Google celebrated Mother’s Day with a three-part, interactive Doodle featuring a duck and her ducklings. After clicking play, three buttons enable search engine visitors to watch a mama duck teaching life lessons to her young offspring, including the way proper way to waddle. “Initially, when the Doodles were on the home page, they were just a static image. And that’s all the bandwidth that people could afford,” says Jessica Yu, the Doodle team lead. Read more for a behind-the-scenes video about this Doodle and additional information.

“As technology has progressed, animated GIFs, multiplayer games, and even A.I.-enabled activities have entered the realm of possibilities. At the core of these more advanced Doodles is the principle of inclusivity. As Nate Swinehart, one of the staff artists the company calls Google Doodlers, began work on the first multiplayer game Doodle ever, he kept that in mind,” reports Fortune.