Google Stadia DOOM

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service capable of streaming video games up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with support for high-dynamic-range, thanks to the company’s numerous data centers across the globe. All you need is a sufficiently high-speed internet connection, the Google Chrome web browser and / or a smartphone / tablet. However, how does it perform in real world tests? DOOM Eternal was streamed on the service at E3 2019, and the results were decent to say the least, especially for gaming on lower-powered devices. Read more for the full E3 DOOM Eternal presentation and additional information.

“I played Doom Eternal on a Pixelbook hard-wired to the internet and connected to a TV with an HDMI cable. The Stadia controller (part of the $130 Founder’s edition or $70 on its own) was connected to the Pixelbook via USB. For the most part, Doom Eternal played pretty well. After a tutorial and half hour of play I was blasting enemies with a flamethrower, performing glory kills and dashing to walls I could climb reliably. Was it as exact as playing on a PC? Not exactly, but it felt pretty damn close to console play,” according to Tom’s Hardware.

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