You’d think that a broken, melted iPhone 5 wouldn’t fetch more than a few dollars, mainly due to there being no way to salvage parts from it, but that’s not the case here. Self-proclaimed professional microwave operator and YouTube user “dovetastic” did just that and still managed to sell the handset for over $3000USD on eBay. Continue reading for the video and more information.

‘Remember unless you’re a professional microwave operator with at least 30 years of qualified professional microwaving experience do not attempt these experiments at home under any circumstances whatsoever at all,’ he says to the camera. Irritating safety warning aside, he proceeds to put the brand new device into a well-worn microwave and turn it on.

Almost immediately the phone starts crackling and approximately 40 seconds in, the phone sets on fire with a single flame. Moments later, it bursts into a ball of flames. After being fried for three minutes, the phone is blasted with water before being removed from the oven with a spatula.