According to the Consumerist, Sean purchased a 40GB iPod from, or so he thought. When the package arrived, there were two bars of Irish Spring soap instead of the iPod, along with a pack of useless batteries. Here’s what Sean had to say:

“…when a supremely polite and nice customer service rep answered the phone. When I told her about my situation (and not too nicely, I might add), she started laughing. For a second I was shocked! I mean, first you screw up, and then you laugh at me!? But the next thing I knew, I started laughing too…”

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“In the end, she put in an order to have it inspected by UPS, and put another unit on hold for me, and gave me her direct line, informing me that the second UPS is done inspecting the package that I was to call her, and she would ship it right away. UPS showed up the next day, and right after they left, I gave her a call (she answered after two rings), and shipped the iPod overnight express. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the sophisticated level of customer service at Smalldog. It was good to see that someone could have a sense of humor and still be incredibly accommodating at the same time.”

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