Guy Spends One Week VR Headset
Virtual reality headsets are nothing new or special nowadays, but one guy decided to take things to the next level by wearing one for an entire week. Meet Jak Wilmot, co-founder of Disrupt VR, who decided to conduct an experiment, or a 168-hour VR marathon session to be more specific. However, he did allow himself 30 seconds to switch headsets when needed as well as 30 second break sessions to eat, if required. “I have never appreciated the smell of outside air so much. One thing we cannot replicate is nature. We can do it visually and auditorally, but there is something about the energy of outside that is amazing,” said Wilmot. Read more to watch his experience and for additional information.

“In Wilmot’s case, he found it was easy to make friends. He also spilled a cup of coffee on himself, because manipulating the real world while playing in a virtual one is not always easy. There doesn’t seem to be some big takeaway from this experiment (aside from, perhaps, don’t drink coffee while playing VR), though one thing I also found interesting was his integration back into the real world when the experiment was over,” reports PC Gamer.


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