Camera Tattoo

Photo credit: Old Glory Tattoo

Professional photographer Charlene Trickey from Florida didn’t quite expect her boyfriend Travis Durham to proposed the way he did. However, it’s quite fitting to say the least, as the large tattoo on his thigh is of a vintage camera and the words: “Can’t Picture Myself Without You. WYMM?” “Travis called me to come pick him up, and when I came in the [tattoo] shop he went to show me his ‘new tattoo’ on his arm, but there was nothing there. That’s when he reveals the actual tattoo. He gets down on one knee and asks. I say yes,” Charlene told PetaPixel. Continue reading for a video of the checkmark tattoo and more information.

Posted by Travis Durham on Friday, July 20, 2018

“After accepting Travis’ proposal, Charlene was then invited to check the box to complete the tattoo. Now that’s a sign of true love for a photographer who has a true love for photography,” reports Peta Pixel.