H1Z1 Early Access

If you’ve never heard of H1Z1, it’s basically a survival MMO sandbox video game in development by Sony Online Entertainment. This free-to-play game is currently being developed in Early Access Alpha release for Microsoft Windows on Steam, and later due for full release on PlayStation 4. It’s set a short while after a zombie apocalypse in rural United States, in which players will have to survive against the natural elements, hordes of undead, and thousands of potentially hostile survivors through interaction, scavenging for resources, building shelters, and crafting. Continue reading to watch “The Beginning” gameplay, more screenshots and additional information.

Gameplay emphasizes multiplayer cooperation, trading, and team-building. In an interview with Adam Clegg from SOE it was made clear that unlike other zombie MMO games, the main focus will be about surviving against the zombies through teamwork with other players, rather than having a player versus player (PVP) environment with a zombie backdrop.

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