H36 Mini Drone

The H36 Nano Drone is not only palm-sized, but nearly indestructible (within reason) as well, and it’s being offered for just $14.99, today only. It features a “Compass Mode” that enables you to change its flight direction with by simply changing the direction of the remote control, along with “One Key Return” for simple retrieval. Beginners can also toss it just about anywhere to start flying, at any angle, without being affected by wind. Product page. Continue reading for a hands-on flying video demonstration and more information.

This is a really nice mini quadcopter. The blade guards are built in and surround the propellers and it works quite well to protect them from damage. It comes with an extra set of blades just in case. This quadcopter has a removable battery, and it seems to fly quite strong compared to other mini quads I’ve had, might be because of the quad blade propellers. Definitely a good mini quad for the price,” said one reviewer. More information.