Lock Cracking Machine

Hacker Samy Kamkar has created a 3-D-printable Arduino-based lock-opening machine called “Combo Breaker.” Simply attach it to a Master Lock combination locks, turn it on, and the machine will do the rest in a maximum of 5-minutes with absolutely no human interaction required. Kamar says: “The machine pretty much brute-forces the lock for you. You attach it, leave it, and it does its thing.” Continue reading to see it in-action.

“In fact, the Combo Breaker is programmed to do far better than a mere brute-force attack. It takes advantage of a mathematical trick Kamkar revealed last month that allows anyone – with a little practice – to find the combination of a low-end Master Lock combination lock in only eight tries. That technique takes advantage of a manufacturing flaw: when the U-shaped shackle of one those combination locks is pulled while its rotor is turned, the cracker can feel resistance on certain numbers that help to reveal the position of the ‘combination disks’ that determine the combination that opens the lock,” according to Wired.

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