Hackers Remotely Kill Jeep

Believe it or not, hackers managed to remotely take over the controls of a Jeep Cherokee driving on the highway, activating windshield wipers, radio, and even going as far as shutting off the car’s engine in the middle of a highway. According to Wired, “The most disturbing maneuver came when they cut the Jeep’s brakes, leaving me frantically pumping the pedal as the 2-ton SUV slid uncontrollably into a ditch.” In the experiment, hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek used a Wired reporter as “a digital crash-test dummy” to expose the vulnerabilities in internet-connected entertainment and navigation systems featured in many new vehicles. Continue reading for the video and more information.

A Fiat Chrysler representative informed CNBC that the company released a software update to improve vehicle security. A statement noted that the company “monitors and tests the information systems of all of its products to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in the ordinary course of business.”

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