Half-Life 2 Mod

After 9-years of development, the Half-Life 2 mod, officially called “MMod”, has been released. In addition to the audio and visual enhancements (post-processing shaders and dynamic lights), players also get to enjoy a hardened AI, a new particle system, as well as a Combine with new prompts to complete, including grenade launchers. “In this jolly holiday season, I’m happy to bring Half-Life 2 : MMod under your Christmas tree, it’s been a long road for me, from HL2EP2Enhased (sic) with basic particle replacements and FPSBanana skins to a fully fledged mod with its own huge, original ( for the most part ) feature set, loads of brand new content and remastered gunplay mechanics. This incarnation of MMod is my true vision I had from the start, but never could realize before, until now,” said its creator. Read more for a weapons showcase and 9-minute gameplay video.

“I couldn’t have made this long journey without my friends: Fooltaurus, who joined mid-development and brought this project to another new level with his animations and model edits, without him 50% of features would have never made it into Half-Life 2 : MMod or would have never looked as polished as they do now,” adds its creator.