Harmony Robotic Exoskeleton

The futuristic HARMONY robotic exoskeleton is designed to help people with neurological disorders, or to be more specific, assisting with upper body movements, while also supporting the weight of the upper body and provide assistive force for patients so that they can achieve the intended motions. It functions as a force transmission system from the actuators to the human body, and also protects the human joints from undesirable external forces. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The robot is equipped with a suite of sensors that collect data at 2,000 times per second. These data are then fed back into the robot’s program for an instantly personalized robotic interaction. With input from physical therapists and doctors, the Cockrell School researchers designed HARMONY’s shoulder mechanism to facilitate natural, coordinated motions, particularly the scapulohumeral rhythm – a critical coordinated rotational motion necessary for upper-limb movements and long-term joint stability,” reports Phys.org.


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