Foldimate Laundry Machine

Say goodbye to the tedious task of folding / ironing, and hello to Foldimate. This machine does it all, and it consists of a conveyor belt, several robotic clothes-folding arms, and an adjustable tray that dispenses your wardrobe once finished. Plus, it even comes equipped with a steam cleaner just in case the machine misses anything, as well as perfume and softening modes. Click here to view a few bonus home life hacks.

“Capable of folding everything from shirts and sweaters to jeans or sweatpants, the only things it can’t handle are larger items like linens or smaller pieces of clothing like underwear. Standing 32 inches tall by 28 inches wide, the Foldimate would fit nicely in most laundry rooms and is also capable of being moved from room to room depending on space. Itonly weighs around 65 pounds. Speedwise, the device is said to take roughly 10 seconds to fold most items and an extra 20 to 30 seconds to get rid of wrinkles using steam,” according to Digital Trends.