Retractable Wolverine Claws

This project started with pieces of metal, but after Colin Furze finished working on them, a set of retractable Wolverine claws ensued. You read that right, Furze built his own version of the famed claws using compressed air from a backpack to ‘pop’ the 12-inch stainless steel spikes. Not just for show, they’re able to slice a melon in half. Continue reading for two videos, including a making of.

“The Blade spread was a must as parallel blades would just look wrong, If i wasn’t bothered about this i could have made blades thicker and stronger but they would look rubbish so 2mm stainless steel had just the right amount of flex but still enough strength not to just fold on impact. When the claws are retracted they compress together into there housing which is what you can hear when there firing out as it gives that nice ring which was a welcome bonus,” said Furze.