Lucra LC470

You could either buy a second-hand supercar for $85,000, or the Lucra LC470. Weighing just 2,000-pounds, thanks to a lightweight, carbon fiber body, the LC470 can be powered by either an AMG 6.3L V8, 6.3L LS3 or a 7.0L LS7, all of which have at least 550-horsepower. If you don’t fancy a Tremec TKO 600RR 5-speed manual transmission, a 7-speed Mercedes paddle shift is also an option. How fast can it go? For starters, it does 0-60mph in a mere 2.7-seconds, and the 1/4 in 10.1-seconds, topping out at 200 mph. Willwood brakes and a fully adjustable suspension ensure you’re able to stop on a dime. Continue reading for two videos, including a “How It’s Made”, and more information.

“The body is molded from one piece of carbon fiber and weighs less than 160 pounds. Because it is one piece, it maximizes strength through the elimination of body seams. The carbon fiber body is fully integrated into the chassis. Lucra also offers hard and soft tops as options. The chassis is composed of Powder coated .120 HREW 4″ round steel tube. The LC-470 maintains 53% percent of its weight over the rear wheels,” reports Muscle Car Facts.