Photo credit: Wayne Parham Photography

Since we usually bring you a selection of geeky foods, like these video game cookies, it’s only fitting that we show those who’ve never heard about Heart Attack Grill, what the fast food restaurant is all about. Put simply, “burgers come in sizes that range from the ‘single bypass’ (one patty with cheese and toppings) to the 8,000-calorie ‘quadruple bypass’ (four patties with four slices of cheese and all the fixings).” The geek experience comes in when they give you hospital gowns / uniforms to dress up in while eating. Video after the break. Click here for more pictures.

Fries are cooked in pure lard and dubbed “flatliner fries.” The milkshakes are touted to have the highest butter fat content in the world. The restaurant also sells beer, soda, candy and no-filter cigarettes.

[via LasVegasSunDailyMailDaily Contributor]