DoubleTap Pistol

Measuring in at just 5/8 of an inch thick and 14-ounces, the Heizer Defense DoubleTap is currently the world’s smallest, as well as lightest, .45-caliber pistol on the market. The double-barreled, hammerless firearm comes in either aluminum or titanium trim, complete with an optional ported design, and a spot for spare rounds in the grip. The DoubleTap is unique in that it carries two chambered rounds, one in each barrel. It also carries two additional rounds in the grip which allow for reloading. The ambidextrous thumb latch releases the action and ejects the spent rounds so that the two backup rounds can be loaded. Continue reading for another video and more information.

The weapon features a patent pending double-action ball bearing trigger system. Additional features include a mil-spec frame made of either titanium or aluminum and a hammer-less, no-snag design to facilitate easy draw.