USS Milwaukee

The USS Milwaukee (LCS-5) is a Freedom-class littoral combat ship of the United States Navy. While it was launched in December 2013, the Navy has just taken delivery of the vessel. This warship can power up to 45 knots (52 mph), which leaves others ships of its zie wallowing in her wake. “With each LCS delivered, we have succeeded in driving down costs by incorporating lessons learned to provide the Navy with a highly capable and flexible ship. We are honored to place the Milwaukee in the able hands of her crew as they set sail for the ship’s commissioning,” said LCS program manager Capt. Tom Anderson.

5. Completed Acceptance Trials

USS Milwaukee

Milwaukee has completed her acceptance trials and is scheduled for commissioning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 21, 2015. She has vastly improved systems as well as mission modules compared to USS Freedom and USS Independence, the first two Littoral Combat Ships.

4. Underwent Hundreds of Changes

USS Milwaukee

Lockheed VP Joe North has said that starting with Milwaukee, the Lockheed LCS design is “done, locked and stable”. This is after thirty or so changes from USS Fort Worth on top of hundreds of changes from USS Freedom. One of the improvements for Milwaukee are specially designed waterjets that replace the commercial versions used on previous Littoral Combat Ships.

3. Generated Waves Greater Than 5-Feet During Test

USS Milwaukee

Over the 2015 Labor Day weekend holiday, it was reported that the Milwaukee generated waves greater than five feet tall during test runs near Door County’s Chambers Island which damaged more than 40 boats.

2. Fit for Naval Combat Close to Shore

USS Milwaukee

Littoral combat ships are comparatively small surface vessels fitted for naval combat close to shore. According to LCS program manager Captain Tom Anderson, the ships enhance a fleet’s capabilities while also driving down costs.

1. Will be Homeported in San Diego

Milwaukee will be homeported in San Diego following its commissioning with sister ships USS Freedom, USS Independence, USS Fort Worth, USS Cornonado, and the future USS Jackson. Fort Worth, another Freedom-class LCS, made its debut in training exercise Malabar 2015 in October.

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