File this under: cool racing simulators. At $145,000, this high-tech gadget was designed to look like a real F1 car, complete with cockpit, tires, speaker tower three 23″ displays and a powerful i7-based gaming PC. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

Engineers visit each buyer’s house to install the product and train the new owner to use the controls and get the most out of their luxury gadget. Simon Harvey, Group Chief Executive of FMCG International Ltd, said: ‘These cars really the ultimate big boys toy.

After picking out their body colour and wheel rim colours, wannabe Jenson Buttons must wait between 12 – 18 weeks for delivery. They can choose to be on any current F1 team and race wherever they like. Mr Harvey added: ‘Drivers are fully absorbed into the virtual environment created from sitting in our simulator.’The large screens create a precise driving experience and drivers can choose from all the current F1 teams.