Holy Stone Quadcopter Drone

Holy Stone’s F181 Quadcopter Stunt Drone may not be the most advanced out there, but you can pick one up for $59.99 shipped, today only, before moving on to the expensive models. In addition to the 720p camera, it has 5 different flying modes – including a headless mode for beginners – that increment by 25%-100%, 25% being for beginners, and 100% for more advanced flyers. Even at 100%, it’s stable and not too aggressive. Product page. Continue reading for a stunt demonstration and more information.

More informationThe F181 has a built-in 3D flip feature mode that enables you to simply press the right trigger and the directional pad whichever way you would like, for it to do flips. The recovery is quick and doing flips will sharpen your stunting skills. More information.

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