POD Tents

Let’s face it, normal-sized tents aren’t made for large families, that is unless…you’re talking about POD Tents. These modular, weatheproof tents can be connected into multi-room units, complete with accessories that give each user control over the design. By themselves, the Maxi model sleeps 8, and the Mini, up to four. Need more room? Simply attach connectors to bring together multiple PODs. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“The only concern for consumers is the price. Currently, the Maxi POD comes in at £499 ($780) and the Mini £399 ($625). M2C launched an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign last year for a more expensive Elite model, which would have been £425 and £525 for the Elite Mini and Maxi, respectively. If campers have the dough to shell out that much for the connecting PODs, they can be purchased from the designer’s website, yet penny-pinching outdoorsy types may be out of luck,” reports Inhabitat.

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