Hot Tub Boat

Yes, this electric boat with a hot tub built into its deck actually exists, engineered and built in Seattle, WA by a marine carpenter that specializes in custom house boats. It drafts only 20″, even when filled with its maximum load of 2,100 lbs. of water and six adult. An integrated diesel-powered boiler with an adjustable thermostat heats the tub’s water to a maximum 104° F, while a waterproof stereo system plays music from your mobile device through two flush-mounted 50-watt speakers that pop-up from the deck. Fancy going for a dip? A teak swimstep provides easy entry into and from the surrounding water. A 24V electric motor propels the boat up to 5mph on calm water for 10-hours on a full charge, and is steered via a joystick. Continue reading to see a smaller HotTug hot tub boat in-action.

The HotTug Hot Tub Boat, good for 6-8 people, manages to always stay warm, thanks to a wooden stove located on board. It can be filled with 2,000 liters of water, and heated to the desired temperature within 3-hours. You can quickly empty out the hot tub boat with an included submersible pump.


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