Mars One has already received over 78,000 applicants for its one way mission to the red planet, but they most certainly aren’t the first with visions of colonizing the planet, as NASA started dreaming up concepts in the 1980s – 1990s. You’ll see plenty of NASA’s classic spacesuits, along with rovers, structures, and more. Continue reading for additional pictures, information, and a bonus video.

The German space agency discovered Earth lichens do survive in simulated Mars conditions. The simulation based temperatures, atmospheric pressure, minerals, and light on data from Mars probes. An instrument called REMS is designed to provide new clues about the signature of the Martian general circulation, microscale weather systems, local hydrological cycle, destructive potential of UV radiation, and subsurface habitability based on ground-atmosphere interaction; and landed on Mars as part of Curiosity (MSL) in August 2012. Microorganisms make up 80% of Earth’s biomass.

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