Curtis shows us how to make a “cheap [motorcycle] camera handlebar mount” with parts that can be purchased at your local hardware store for less than $5. Parts list and video demonstration after the jump. Full instructions here.

Using video mode and a large SD card I can record video while running the bike through canyons, and since it is behind the windscreen even the audio doesn’t sound that bad

[via Make]

Video Demonstration

Parts List

* (1) PVC pipe T, I used 1.25″ with a .75″ top. This was actually a little large for my purposes, I would have been better off using a T with the interior diameter equal to the size of the handlebar.
* (1) Pipe cap, sized to fit the top of the above pipe T.
* (2) hose clamps (large enough to fit the outside of the pipe T.
* (2) rubber washers, found at the local Ace Hardware.
* 1/4-20 x 1.5″ machine screw, with 2 washers and a locknut. (This is the thread for your camera tripod mount)
* (2) Sections of old garden hose.
* Pipe cement.


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