Moon Terraformed

Terraforming Mars may not sound as far fetched as turning the Moon and / or Venus into habitable planets, but it’s definitely a possibility. One proposed method of paraterraforming just might work on the Moon, and would involve the construction of a habitable enclosure that eventually grows to encompass most of its usable area. The enclosure would consist of a transparent roof held one or more kilometers above the surface, pressurized with a breathable atmosphere, and anchored with tension towers and cables at regular intervals. Continue reading to see Venus terraformed.

Terraforming Venus requires two major changes; removing most of the planet’s dense 9 MPa carbon dioxide atmosphere and reducing the planet’s 450°C (723.15K) surface temperature. These goals are closely interrelated, because Venus’s extreme temperature is thought to be due to the greenhouse effect caused by its dense atmosphere. Sequestering the atmospheric carbon would likely solve the temperature problem as well.

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