Star Wars Concept Art

Without Ralph McQuarrie, there would be no Star Wars because George Lucas himself reached out to the artist to help visualize the planets, vehicles, and characters he only saw in his head. The duo created some amazing artwork that not only helped convince studios to fund Star Wars, but McQuarrie’s style crafted the visual design of the entire galaxy to come. The DAVE School in Orlando, Florida created a trailer based on this artwork to shows what such a film would look like. Continue reading for two more videos, artwork and information.

“But while McQuarrie’s original concepts were influential, Lucas continued to rewrite the original script. Chewbacca looked a bit like an oversized lemur. Stormtroopers had lightsabers, and Luke Skywalker was originally a woman: Luka Starkiller. The students from the school decided to adapt the images into a trailer of their own, making costumes based off the original characters, and using green screens and digital effects to bring McQuarrie’s world to life,” according to The Verge.

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