Let’s face it, unless you’re an artist, crayons probably aren’t part of your daily writing arsenal. However, we all know that geeks love to collect things, and these custom-carved crayons by artist Hoang Tran are no exception. Put simply, “Tran melts wax from other colors of crayons and applies it as an accent to the main figure. This small detail makes the work pop and the portrait instantly recognizable,” according to My Modern Met. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

An artist never limits themselves, and that’s why Tran doesn’t just carve fictional characters. That’s right, if you are looking for a custom-produced pet portrait made from a small stick of wax, then Tran is your man. Binney & Smith Company (later to be named Crayola LLC) developed their own famous line of wax crayons beginning on June 10, 1903. Edwin Binney & C. Harold Smith had been long established in the coloring marketplace through Binney’s Peekskill, NY chemical works factory making lampblack by burning whale and carbon black and later instrumental in the coloring of automobile tires.

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