iLIVING’s ILG958 infrared heater not only looks like a real fireplace, but it boasts advanced Nickel Chrome Filament heating technologies that can heat rooms up to 1000-square-feet efficiently, and without requiring vents or a chimney. There are 2 heating levels: 750 watts (low) and 1500watts (high); it’s cool to the touch, thanks to an auto safety shut-off switch. Product page. Continue reading for a video of the fireplace effect in-action and more information.

The beautiful crafted fireplace heater will fit any decor and with four caster wheels, it’s a breeze to relocate. The fireplace produces a beautiful and realistic warming glow just like a real fire! ~Standby Mode~ The ILG-958 heater will shut down and go into standby mode, when the room temperature has equaled the temperature on the heater. The electric flames will continue to projected and displayed when in standby mode. When the room temperature drops approximately 2-degrees below the heater temperature, the heater will automatically turn back on.