Photo credit: Masterle247

Iron Man 3 is just around the corner, so it’s only fitting that we round up some of the coolest gadgets that have been created by fans. Whether it be an Arc Reactor bag to a homemade suit with a motorized mask, you’ll find it here. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Iron Man Bag

According to “TheGoddess908” from deviantART, this stunning Iron Man bag was made from red clothing leather, gold coated suede and red dyed tooling leather – entirely hand sewn and assembled and features an Arc Reactor and EL wire.

4. Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Since Iron Man already has a full-body suit and can fly, this custom motorcycle helmet can’t be considered practical…for Tony Stark at least, but fans of the superhero should definitely add this to their shortlist.

3. Iron Man Scooter

If Tony Stark created a scooter for Iron Man, this is probably what it’d look like. However, the battle model would probably include a few weapons, including missiles, guns, and possibly a laser-based repulsor beam of sorts.

2. Palm-Mounted Laser

If you’ve been tinkering around trying to make your own authentic Iron Man suit, complete with repulsor-beam weapon, add this palm-mounted laser by Patrick Priebe to the list. This handheld laser is 1,000 milliwatts, enough to instantly blind anyone not wearing special safety glasses.

1. Iron Man Suit

Masterle247 is an expert costume builder, and his latest project, an Iron Man Mark 7 costume is definitely no slouch. Featuring a motorized mask, shoulder weapons, and even a jetpack. Unfortunately, flying capabilities have not yet been implemented.