Milky Way Rising

Photo credit: Dustin Dilworth via Peta Pixel

Photographer Dustin Dilworth of D3 Imagery spent an evening at Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan, and for good reason, as he managed to capture an incredible time-lapse video of the Milky Way Galaxy rising over the landscape. “Pay close attention and you’ll notice meteors from the Lyrid meteor shower in the zoomed shots. Beyond the waterfall’s plunge pool, the river’s surface is still frozen, well into spring. In the forest of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, distant cities’ glare can’t dull this spectacle,” said Dilworth. Continue reading for another incredible Milky Way time-lapse compilation video.

Stars and gases at a wide range of distances from the Galactic Center orbit at approximately 220 kilometers per second. The constant rotation speed contradicts the laws of Keplerian dynamics and suggests that much of the mass of the Milky Way does not emit or absorb electromagnetic radiation. This mass has been termed “dark matter”. The oldest stars in the Milky Way are nearly as old as the Universe itself and thus probably formed shortly after the Dark Ages of the Big Bang.